Glom: Translating the example files

Glom‘s files can contain translations for the various table names, fields, relationships, choices, layout groups, reports, etc. This lets multiple people use the same database UI in different languages. Glom doesn’t require programming, so the .glom files don’t use gettext. But Glom can export the translations to .po files so translators can use their familiar tools. This week I added some command line utilities to do that more easily, plus some make rules to use them on the Glom examples.

I can now type “make examples_export_po” to export .po files and “make examples_import_po” to read the improved translations back into the Glom example files.

I put the .po files in Glom’s git repository, hoping that people will translate them, and maybe add more .po files. I wonder if these could even show up on Glom’s page. Update: They do show up there now, thanks to Claude Paroz, and we already have some translations.

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