4 thoughts on “gtkmm book updated

  1. Hi! Could you write some info and provide examples how to implement plugins in gtkmm?
    Anyway thanks for {gtk,glib,etc}mm.

  2. Hi Murray !

    I’m trying to find the book of gtkmm 3, but i can’t find it. The amazon link goes to a dead end and all the ones i can find are version 2.
    I’m struggling with the guide in gnome developers, but I’ve hope the book would be different !

    Any help ?


    1. Yes, Amazon removed it because they don’t want to allow content that is available freely elsewhere, plus some confused legal stuff about me not being able to say that I own copyright on it all, which of course I don’t because it’s open source with multiple contributors.

      Hopefully I’ll find time to put it somewhere else and find a way to get it onto people’s Kindles without the Amazon web store.

      In the meantime, it’s here as HTML:

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