Bugzilla without our own Server

Maliit really needs a non-MeeGo bugzilla, but we don’t want to install and maintain our own server. Unfortunately, freedesktop won’t let us in.

Are there any other reasonable options? We would like to avoid dealing with non-bugzilla bug trackers.

If we need to pay someone, has anyone had a good experience with a company that does this?

8 thoughts on “Bugzilla without our own Server

  1. We’re going to be running a seperate bugzilla for the Nemo Mobile project and we’re big fans of Maliit – while this isn’t vetted with the rest of the Nemo steering group, I suppose we could host you with ease?

  2. GNOME Bugzilla includes components for various projects that GNOME doesn’t actually host, but which don’t have bug trackers elsewhere. You could probably convince GNOME to allow you to use their bugzilla.

    1. Yes, we are fairly confident that GNOME would let us use their bugzilla. But that would send the wrong message to non-GNOME projects.

      1. We do have a freedesktop project on GNOME bugzilla; gstreamer. But that is only due to historical reasons and switching is more annoying than being on freedesktop.org. And of course Maliit would be fine.

        Recommend ask Max Kanat. His company doesn’t seem to provide hosting atm, but he is more than capable to offer it (he already provides server maintenance). See http://www.bugzillasource.com/.

  3. Really all you need is shell access to any web server: installing your own Bugzilla instance is very easy.

    For my project, I did it at tuxfamily,

    I’d recommend checking tuxfamily out, nice FOSS hosting service with shell access,

    Bugzilla needs a few Perl modules from CPAN, but its installer has a script to install them automatically. I just installed in ~HOME/.cpan.

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