The GNOME Events Box is missing

The European GNOME Events Box is currently missing because UPS delivered it to a random address in Odivelas, Portugal instead of the correct address in Sevilla, Spain, and they can’t get it back.

We are usually happy with UPS but they’ve just thrown up their hands and given us a claim form, asking us for the receipts for all the items in the box, some of which were gifts from GNOME-friendly companies.

I don’t have much confidence that UPS have really looked for the box. So if you are near Odivelas, it would be great if you could politely ask there. Please ask me for the full address via email – it doesn’t seem fair to publish it.

4 thoughts on “The GNOME Events Box is missing

  1. just be aware that the tracking info has name and surname of the person who signed for the package

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