Trainee mini gtkmm projects

In August I mentioned the mini GTK+ C projects that our trainees completed: massifg, gmemory and GHangTux.

They recently finished some mini gtkmm C++ projects too, because I think gtkmm is a comfortable way to learn good C++ habits after GTK+. Here they are:

  • Chris Kühl’s Merkmal, a port of gmemory to gtkmm and cluttermm. It’s a card memory game.
  • Patricia Santana Cruz’s GHangtuxmm: A port of GHangTux to gtkmm. It’s a hangman game.
  • Jon Nordby’s glom-postgresql-setup, which does the awkward server configuration that typical Glom users don’t want to worry about.

They are now moving on to Qt and they’ll get some exercise on deeper OO and C++ concepts. In fact, Jon Nordy has already created a QImage plugin to support the OpenRaster image format.