Massifg Prints Valgrind Massif Graphs

Jon Nordby’s massifg is now usable and packaged for Ubuntu (in the Openismus PPA) and Fedora. The only slightly awkward dependency is libgoffice (for graph drawing), but that is widely packaged on distros.

It shows both the simple and detailed graphs of valgrind’s massif output, much like the old-style ms_print script. It can print the memory usage graph (also to PDF) and save it as a PNG file, so you can talk to other people about the results.

It’s far better than my previous attempts to modify the original ms_print perl script. There is still a bug (maybe needing a fix in libgoffice) that makes the detailed graph very narrow when showing the legend on small screens, but we are working on that.

8 thoughts on “Massifg Prints Valgrind Massif Graphs

    1. Are you really sure that there’s no goffice? Doesn’t it have gnumeric? But, yes, if it has GTK+ 2.10 then that must be quite an old distro.

    1. Yes, I just found massif-visualizer’s cutting-edge dependencies hard to get working. That will get better over time though.

      We do plan to add a hover-tooltip to the graphs.

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