Openismus Website Now More Shiny

Daniel Borgmann has prettied up our Openismus website a little. The small touches make it easier on the eye. It’s no longer so adaptable to every screen size or font size, but it’s still relatively simple. It wasn’t us who broke the web, though we tried not to break it more.

Daniel would have liked to do much more impressive things, but I held him back because I like gradual iterative changes and very maintainable files. He did this without changing the content at all. We’ll see what happens next.

6 thoughts on “Openismus Website Now More Shiny

  1. muhaha, yes, you are quite right. They shouldn’t have crept in to the site refresh. I’ll get Daniel to fix it. Thanks.

    Flo, likewise thanks. We’ll check and fix.

  2. The quotes weren’t meant for emphasis, but to indicate, indeed, a quote. It is true however, that it wasn’t entirely intended in this case (and has been fixed).

  3. sdf, you may very well be correct, though I’m really not interested in the subject and I don’t see how it offends you greatly. I’ll keep an eye out for what typical German web sites do and maybe remove it later. Note that people apparently do this to avoid wasting their time with people who try to get damages from them, regardless of whether they have a case or not.

    No, I’m not interested in having a discussion about it – I’m not a lawyer and I don’t want to be one. Sorry, but I can see this getting dull quickly.

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