Glom on Maemo: Slight Improvements

As expected, my Glom talk at the Maemo summit was rather under-attended while people went to the security talk next door. I had still hoped to do an entertaining talk for the video cameras, but my mind when blank and it was a bit of a shambles. The slides (or with notes that I forgot) should give you an idea of what I was trying to achieve.

Since then I have made some more simple improvements to the Maemo 5 port of Glom, as you can see in this new video (youtube or .ogv on my site), again using the Sqlite version of the simple Music Collection example.

These are the visible improvements:

  • Details views now have “Add Related *” buttons in the AppMenu so you can actually add related records. Again, this uses an extra window.
  • The Table name is mentioned on the title of the Details window.
    These last two required me to add the ability for the designer to specify the singular form of table and relationship titles. For instance, “Album” instead of “Albums”. Actually, I guess that’s still not enough for some translations, so we may need to allow designers to specify actual phrases.
  • Details views now use HildonPickerButtons for ID fields instead of combo boxes. So they open a separate window to actually choose the value.
  • The scrollbar is against the right edge.
  • The widget spacing is more correct for Maemo 5, though there’s lots more to do, and it could be made much prettier by aligning widgets even when they are in different groups, particular because the group titles are hidden in the Maemo port.

I will stop coding on this for a while, but I think I’ve shown what’s possible. And I think I’ve shown that Glom is already (or could be) the best base for a simple database-driven application on Maemo – far preferrable to writing code and SQL.

The current code will be packaged in extras-devel soon.

One thought on “Glom on Maemo: Slight Improvements

  1. Hello Murray
    Your talk was much appreciated and I’m really looking forward to Glom on Maemo5.
    Thanks for your great work!

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