Openismus 2009 T-Shirts

As per tradition, the new Openismus T-Shirts are ready for GUADEC 2009 (GCDS). They are again unlike last year’s, and simple enough to wear among civilians. We were a little rushed this year but they turned out nice. Thanks to Kat for fixing things in Inkscape and getting them done.

We only printed a limited number, so seek out an Openismus developer over the first weekend to get yours.

Now that we’ve found a place to get these done in Berlin we’ll probably do a new design (2009 1/2) for the Maemo Summit in Amsterdam in October.

Openismus T-Shirts 2009

Openismus T-Shirts 2009, modelled by Michael Hasselmann

3 thoughts on “Openismus 2009 T-Shirts

  1. grrrrreat news :) I really like the 2008 version, hopefully the 09 version will be even more awesome :)

    reserve me an M :D

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