Tutorial for Clutter 0.9/1.0

Over the last few weeks, Daniel Elstner, Johannes Schmid and I have updated our Clutter tutorial to the latest Clutter 0.9 API and I think we are now finished. I think Clutter 1.0 will appear soon, without major API changes needed in the tutorial.

There’s a html version and a PDF.

6 thoughts on “Tutorial for Clutter 0.9/1.0

  1. Thanks, just what I was looking for!

    Some comments on the pdf though. Is there any way to reduce the font-size of the code examples? Many of them are way outside of the page and unreadable (Page 30 for example). Also, some images seem to be way too big for the pdf, like on page 36. Anyway, great work!

  2. Yeah, PDF generation is difficult. But I did some tricks to solve these issues with the Flumotion documentation so maybe we can do them here too.

  3. kozure, Yes, thanks. I have just fixed that. The multiline text editing appendix is also now obsolete. And I see that we need to update the text about scrolling, maybe removing the appendix about scrolling.

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