Glom 1.10


Today I released Glom 1.10. There are no big new features compared to Glom 1.8. It’s mostly just a port to libgda-4.0 and the addition of an experimental sqlite backend, with limited functionality compared to the default PostgresSQL backend, for embedded use. Johannes did most of the libgda-4.0 port and Armin did the sqlite backend.

libgda-4.0 is a significant improvement over libgda-3.0, giving us better performance with huge numbers of rows . It also allows us to remove some code from Glom, such as code to escape binary data for SQL queries. Vivien Malerba was very responsive to our feedback and took our patches quickly.  I look forward to using future API to construct SQL queries from conceptual parts so we can remove that code too.

We will try to get Ubuntu packages into the Openismus PPA soon, at least for Ubuntu Jaunty, which otherwise has a (recent, bugfixed, woohoo!) Glom 1.8 in the official repository.