With Olav’s help, I have now moved both and to, with the old URLs redirecting. That sub-domain existed before, but I don’t think anyone was using it. It’s still in the old gnomeweb-wml svn module, but it’s separated into its own subdomain directory. Tell me if anything still seems to be broken.

We did this so that:

  • can become even more irrelevant so nobody will notice when we kill it one day.
  • The huge amount of content in the projects pages will not block implementation of any new system for, such as a CMS. In comparison, the rest of is a very small amount of content.

4 thoughts on “

  1. Hi Murray

    i have a strange problem with svn when i tried to commit to that module. I wonder if it’s something about this change.
    I checked out from the new directories and i get this error:

    svn commit -m “Update to 0.8.3 release.”
    svn: Commit failed (details follow):
    svn: Server sent unexpected return value (403 Forbidden) in response to MKACTIVITY request for ‘/svn/gnomeweb-wml/!svn/act/54dd6270-b5e8-11dd-a110-a144fe45c5ef’

  2. Luis, sorry, I have never seen that particular svn error before, and I doubt that it is related to the change.

    I can only suggest that you try a fresh checkout and ask the svn admin people about it if necessary.

  3. The old team webpages on d.g.o don’t seem to redirect anywhere, is that intentional?

    E.g. and don’t redirect anywhere, and just gives me a 404.

  4. Gah, stupid HTML parsing. What I was trying to say is that d.g.o/projects/gup and d.g.o/projects/gdp (for example) don’t redirect anywhere, and d.g.o/projects/gap just gives me a 404.

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