cleaned up

Every now and then I try to do some more clean up of, aiming to move any good content to

  •, as docbook in a source code module, so it can be kept up to date by the relevant people, and translated, or
  •, as an external link to some other website, or
  •, if many non-developers will want to change it often.

It has taken a long time, with lots of emailing, searching, hacking, incredibly quick help from Frederic Peters, and advice from Shaun McCance, but I have finally reached the point that the main page is now just a link to the developer section and two links to some archived stuff.

There is still stuff in the projects directory, which is only really used by the Usability and Accessibility projects. I don’t think that summary page was ever linked from anywhere. I’d like these to be moved to a new subdomain, combining with the stuff that seems to have lots more content. Actually exists already, as a bad (no stylesheet) version of the summary page. Moving all this projects/ stuff into a new svn module would make future changes to easier.

Then we could kill completely. I don’t think anyone has any other plans for it. I don’t even think the archive of old content has any real value, but maybe we could move that to or such suchlike.

6 thoughts on “ cleaned up

  1. FWIW, I’ve already moved most of the projects/usability stuff to (except the stable HIG, which is on, and I’m pretty sure all the useful accessibility stuff has already moved too– check with Willie Walker. So I’m not sure the current projects stuff can’t just go away altogether, very soon.

    Only thing I really still need to find a home for from the usability pages is the HIG devel branch, which currently gets auto-built and posted to projects/usability whenever there’s a new checkin. But since that’s a rare occurrence at the moment, it wouldn’t hurt to move it somewhere static for now. (And hopefully itself will provide that capability at some point, for docs development branches.)

  2. Sounds fine. I’m really not overly concerned about the funky build stuff; it’s quite possible it won’t be needed for much longer anyway, depending on what direction we decide the next version of the HIG should take over the next few months.

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