Openismus in Berlin

Last week I visited Berlin to look at offices and found one that’s perfect. I’m signing the contract now. It’s in Kastanienallee (recent Flickr photos), a lively main street in hip Prenzlauerberg. I’m excited. The location and office couldn’t be better.

There are 5 large offices, plus a beautiful large central area, with bare brick, stone tiles, and lots of light, and even a patio for summer meetings. It’s peaceful and secure in a building to the rear beyond the inner courtyard.

I’m now ordering lots of furniture and equipment. Hopefully we’ll have it mostly set up before the Maemo summit on the 19th/20th September so we can proudly show it to our friends. I’m even thinking of having a little GNOME/Maemo party there before we have moved in properly.

I hope that Berlin, and this amazing part of Berlin, and this wonderful office will help to attract new employees, maybe from outside of Germany.

13 thoughts on “Openismus in Berlin

  1. Very nice, Murray! Congratulations!
    Perhaps you can give a small tour for the people attending the desktop search hackfest?


  2. Ich kumm Euch auch mal besuchen! Wirkt echt schnieke! Bin beeindruckt. Irgendwie doller als RH/Adlershof… ;-)

  3. I call it Castingallee. Trying too hard to be cool is actually not cool in this city, man :)
    Not talking about you but the average yuppie/hipster in the area.

  4. Maybe from outside of Germany? Hell, if I had the experience in GTK+ and my studies were over I’d leave Spain in a whim to work there. ;)

    Ehrlich toll.

  5. Andreas, at my age, I’ll gladly be any kind of hipster I can manage to be. But really, anywhere outside of Mitte is not trying that hard to be cool in any annoying way. They are just being playful. At least compared to the ueber-rich in Munich.

  6. Hello to all you Berlin open source people,

    if your looking for affordable office space with other open source people next door, take a look at the non-profit project We are trying to build up a community of berlin based open source freelancers working together in the same facility. It’s not at all hip (it’s south of “kreuzkoelln”) but it has nice offices and is an interesting place to build up a really huge open source office-share. No photos on the website yet, sorry. You are invited to visit the facility anytime!


  7. Hello murrayc,
    i’m part of the collective running a little venue in prenzlauer berg called ausland. I’m also working as a programmer and follow discussions on p.g.o even though I don’t contribute (yet). I just wanted to let you know that if you ever wanted to hold a party celebrating open source (e.-g. during some kind of conference) or if rooms are needed for such an event you can talk to me. just drop me a line at conrad [klammeraffe] ausland-berlin [punkt] de.

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