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I’d like to open an Openismus office in Berlin in the next couple of months, for about three of our people. I don’t have much idea where office rental is advertised in Berlin. What’s the equivalent of the Süddeutschezeitung’s small ads there?

I’d love us to have something in Kreuzberg, near Schlesiches-Tor, maybe by the river there, but it looks like Prenzlauerberg will be more convenient for Mathias to get to. I’d like to avoid being in one of the anonymous office buildings in the centre of town. It’s much nicer to have something with character in a lively residential area like Kreuzberg or Prenzlauerberg which is still close to everything by public transport.

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  1. Maybe this is what you’re looking for.
    It’s the search for commercial real estate of Berliner Zeitung.
    You can choose between the different parts of the city etc.;jsessionid=AC5916913F4FC6345BC8EC6683C23F18.worker2?iac=0&style=marktplatz%2Fberlinerzeitung&is24EC=berlinerzeitung&cityControl=Berlin&event%3AdoSubmit=Weiter&_s_peprm=simbaFormcity_selection%3Aisie

    Have fun and good luck,

  2. Hi Murray, nice to hear that you are going to open an office here. The largest real estate market is in the Berliner Morgenpost AFAIK. Kreuzberg is a nice place to have an office. My office is here as well, near the Görlitzer Bahnhof.

  3. Götz: but you do realize that an open source startup is not the same as, say, Universal records? And you can’t stop gentrification anyway, at least it doesn’t look so. One can still hope that the whole city will not end up like Mitte which really stinks now.

  4. Hi

    2 things which pop up in may mind concerning that: RedHat( I heard) and Trolltech(for sure) sit in Adlershof, but that’s probably not the kind of quarter which you are looking for.

    Besides there I believe a lot of office buildings in some old industrial complex right next to the U-Warschauer Straße. Don’t know anonymous those are but it is right next to Schlesisches Tor and public transport …

    Good Luck,

  5. Heya,

    our [1] office is at Kottbusser Tor, in Kreuzberg, and we love it there. The Adlershof thingie is way too far away from where people want to live and play, so that was out of the race for us pretty quickly, when we were looking for a location. You should definitely talk to the Buero 2.0 folks, that might be interesting for your setup, and make sure to attend the “Open Source Unternehmer Stammtisch” which also meets in Kreuzberg regularly. Drop me an email, if you want more detail there.

    Welcome to X-Berg,


    [1] KDAB, we do a lot of KDE development, among other Qt-based things

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