Liam at six and a half months

Liam is now six and a half months old. He’s not crawling yet, but in the last couple of weeks he has learned to get around quickly by doing a kind of commando elbow crawl. It lets him entertain himself without being carried around so much, but we must now move many things up from the floor level.

6 thoughts on “Liam at six and a half months

  1. Looks like he’s having a good time! What a cute little guy. :-)

    The open source community is growing up. I see so many baby pictures when browsing the Planet feeds…

  2. I was reading older Planet Gnome entries in Google Reader, and came across this.

    My little boy was born just a month before yours, so it’s fun to see how similar they are. He even did the same “commando crawl” for a few weeks around the same age! (He’s long since mastered regular crawling, and most recently has been standing without holding on to anything for balance.)

    I hope you two get as much fun seeing him grow as we do with ours. He’d the high point of my days!

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