Back from Istanbul, headed to Helsinki

Last week was the GUADEC Conference in Istanbul. Overall it felt like one of the best GUADECs, just because I like Istanbul so much. It’s a proper city.

That’s despite the organization of the registration, accommodation, travel instructions (to the venue) being a near disaster (as they usually are). For people who made it to the venue, the University was a perfect location – efficient and clean and well equipped, with many helpful volunteers keeping things organized.

It was great to have all the Openismus employees together in one place for the first time, sharing apartments in a building near the Galata tower in that wonderful maze of narrow streets. It turns out these are great people to hang out with, particularly when you have a rooftop terrace looking over the city and a fridge full of beer on a summer night.

On Thursday morning I fly out to Helsinki with Sigi and baby Liam. I have a day of meetings on Friday, also with Jan Arne from Openismus, and then some touristing until Tuesday, including a night in Tallinn. I’m looking forward to seeing our Helsinki friends.