Openismus 2008 T-Shirts

The Openismus T-shirts for the GUADEC Istanbul conference are ready.

I wanted to do something different again, so I persuaded the people at Brandt to do a kind of Rolf Harris punk thing. It’s a little bit funky. I don’t think it will please everyone but it will be noticed. Each one is different.


There was a shortage of T-shirts in these colours, so we did a small batch of classic retro-style dark green T-shirts too, with white banding and stripes with white flock-print. They are quite nice but less challenging.

Classic Retro
Classic Retro

Like last time, I chose to do a small number of expensive T-shirts rather than lots of cheap ones. Scarcity adds value.

7 thoughts on “Openismus 2008 T-Shirts

  1. I have been wearing proudly the 2007 edition. The best shirt I got last year including the geek & non-geek categories. These ones look promising but my last judgement will come when I touch one. The touch made your shirts last year unique!

  2. Nice! I’d like such a dark green one or (if not available anymore) a blue green.

    [ wearing the 2007 edition as-we-speak]

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