Replacing Travelmate 4100 hard drive

Dear Internet, I think this is the hard drive on my Acer Travelmate 4100. How on earth do I remove this metal plate thing and get to the hard drive itself, so I can put a new drive in? I’ve already broken the little tab of clear plastic by pulling on it.

Update: Nevermind. There’s a little screw to the right and then it slides across. I thought the screw was for something underneath.

6 thoughts on “Replacing Travelmate 4100 hard drive

  1. When I replaced the HD on my Acer (in 2004), I had a hard time getting the HD out of the metal plate. It is slightly glued, well it holds together with something sticky. Just slowly take them appart I guess… sorry I can’t remember more!

  2. I you look at the metal plate there is a slightly raised bit. If you place the edge of a small flatheaded screwdrive there and tap the head until it moves you should then be able to manipulate it yourself.

    Also double check all the screws are out sometimes they stick on in the slide gap too.

  3. Romeo, thanks but I already have a copy. Actually the service manual doesn’t mention how to replace the hard drive, though it does mention how to replace the RAM.

  4. Hello, I think you have a solution since your question but I put my idea here for you or others.

    On your picture, you take of 4 screw but it block yet.

    You must look around of your HD, there is a another screw, you must take this one off, too.

    And after pull the plastic label.

    It is so easy to do.

    Good luck

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