Openismus: Looking for a Bugmaster

As was mentioned on the maemo-developers mailing list, Openismus is looking for a new full-time employee to act as the bugmaster for, to help make it a more responsive, and less one-sided, developer community. Some obvious candidates have already received emails from me, but I’ll mention the job here in case there is any one I haven’t thought of.

A bugmaster keeps a project’s database of bug reports under control, helps the developers to know which bugs are most important, keeps users informed, and worries about bugs that block contributors. A bugmaster usually defines some bug reporting and bug triaging processes to keep things running smoothly. Anyone who has led a bugsquad such as GNOME’s is of course ideal. There’s lots of information online about this kind of role.

So an ability to organize people, information and tasks (and make them almost self-organizing) is most important. There’s a certain amount of cat-herding involved, but you get to deal with some cool cats. Familiarity with databases (SQL), and server maintenance is generally helpful.

Ideally you live in Germany. If we find a great candidate in the rest of the EU then we’ll figure something out. You’ll be working from home. This is a rare opportunity to be rewarded for doing meaningful work with effective people.

If you are interested, please email me to tell me about yourself and what you think the job will involve.