Using an SIP address from a Nokia N95?

Our Nokia N95 can theoretically do SIP calls over our wi-fi network. But it’s so insanely difficult to set up that it feels like nothing more than a checkbox feature. Does anyone have the list of exact values for each of its SIP account settings for logging on to

4 thoughts on “Using an SIP address from a Nokia N95?

  1. This works on E51:
    System->Settings->Connection->SIP Settings
    Service-Profile: IETF
    Public Username:
    Compression: no
    Proxy: none
    Username: ><
    Password: …
    Transport: UDP
    Port: 5060

  2. From what I know, you do need the proxy and registrar filled. At least on my E61, which ran Symbian v3.0 instead of v3.1. It needed to be an open SIP proxy otherwise it wouldn’t work for me (I have to find the E61 back, somewhere in my lab, to find the exact server name, let me know if you still can’t make it work and i will try to find it).

    Also, make sure you have the latest firmware for your N95 because Nokia actively maintains their VoIP code and have many bug fixes over time.

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