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To the GTK+ HackFest in Berlin

Early tomorrow I’ll take a train to Berlin for the GTK+ HackFest. I’ll arrive at 14:07 at the Hauptbahnhof [1] and wait for Behdad to arrive a few minutes later, if the trains are on time. Unfortunately, I’ll miss most people because I’m leaving the next evening. But I can only be away for one day and it seems I can be most useful as a German speaker helping to get things set up.

I wouldn’t be that useful later anyway. I don’t really do communal coding. For one thing, it doesn’t work when other people try to show me something quickly and see that I don’t use either emacs or vi on my laptop. I can’t imagine using them and I believe this may be due to some fundamentally different structure in my brain.

I am quite looking forward to the six hour train ride to Berlin. When I regularly did the Munich-Berlin commute it was great for solving bugs that had stacked up and needed some dedicated concentration.

Someone asked me today if I’m a native English speaker. Yes, I am. Ask a German.

[1] I can’t get used to calling it the Haupbahnhof. It’s the Lehrter Bahnhof even if it now looks like a giant ant farm.

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