Two Months and Smiling

Liam is just over two months old now. He’s a little more aware of the world, though not really interacting with it much yet. He started to smile properly a week ago, and every day he makes slightly different vowel sounds. After two months of sleeping, eating and crying, the first wide smile makes a big emotional impact.

He’s now nearly 5 Kg, almost double his birth weight, and my back knows it.


Sigi and I take turns so we can get other things done. I have the midnight to 4am shift, when I give him the bottle, and 10am to 12pm. I generally get work done between 12:00 noon and 18:00, and sometimes in that midnight to 4am shift. He’s quite an easy baby, I think, but we are very lucky that there are two of us who can give him lots of time. It would be nice if he didn’t need to sleep in my arms quite so much.

I have decided to avoid taking on much new work before June, so we can keep this daily routine for a while more. I’ll also look for a small office in the neighbourhood – The Glockenbachviertel in Munich, in case anyone has a suggestion. But there is work to do so I’m still trying to hire new people.

3 thoughts on “Two Months and Smiling

  1. He’s very cute, murray. glad to hear things are still going well. It’s very true that the total helplessness makes the smiles and laughs even more special when they come.

  2. Congratulations, Murray, from a fellow recent father over in KDE land. My daughter Lily was born 4 weeks ago and she also sleeps best when in my or my wife’s arms. We’ve come to love our New Native baby carrying pouch, which basically allow us to have her sleep as if in our arms while still having said arms free to do other stuff, like get some hacking done. ;) Anyhow, joyful parenting and all the best to your family.

  3. Hi Murray

    What a fab picture of Liam he’s absolutely gorgeous!!! It brings back many fond memories of Rebekah when she was a baby. Enjoy your time him before you know it he’ll be going to school etc etc!!! This really is a most enjoyable time with them. Rebekah is now 13 and is preparing to take her options at school. How time flies. Send me your personal email & I will send you some pics of her. It would be great to meet up again at some point if you are ever over do contact us.

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