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Clutter Tutorial done for now

Now that Clutter 0.6 is out, I found the time to finish the planned sections for the Clutter tutorial that I mentioned in December, for Openismus. Here is the html version and a PDF, though of course the PDF doesn’t have the nice links into the API reference documentation and the links to the actual files of the examples.

The guys at OpenedHand haven’t had time to review this yet, so be aware that there could be significant errors. But I think it’s mostly accurate, useful, and unique, though the appendices and full example are obviously lacking. I’ll try to keep it up to date and correct as I get feedback.

Having done all this investigation into Clutter, I have formed some opinions:

These problems could probably be solved by lots of hard work by smart people. I don’t know what the near-future strategy for Clutter is, so I don’t know if the current state is intentional or if anything particular is planned. It’s certainly getting better all the time.

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