Openismus needs another GTK+/GNOME developer

We need another full-time developer at Openismus to start in a month or so. You’ll ideally be a resident of Germany and you’ll have common sense and visible experience with GTK+ and some of the GNOME technologies such as D-Bus. I’m mostly interested in a C coder at the moment, but experience with Python and/or C++ is a plus. You’ll work from home and know that you can. Capable people are hard to find so you probably know if you are suitable. Working for Openismus is quite straightforward, with fairly clearly defined tasks, some choice about what you work on, and a boss who can be persuaded that he’s wrong sometimes.

I am very pleased with our current developers but we can’t wait the 20 years for a clone to mature – it’s just not practical.

Please email me with a CV (any format you like) and a paragraph describing yourself, your experience, and your current development interests.

Update on 1st March 2008: We are still looking, and we maybe need more than one new developer. But you need to be convincing.

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