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GNOME versus projectors

My post about my new not-working-automatically Monitor reminded me of something that I forgot to follow up, though it’s probably unrelated.

At FOSDEM in February 2007, I muttered to X man Keith Packard that my laptop (with Intel graphics) didn’t work with the projector. I complain to everyone about this at all conferences, because it never works for me, regardless of laptop or projector model. Either the size is wrong or the sync rate is wrong or there’s nothing to give me any clue. It often works up to the login and then stops working after I’ve logged in. So I always borrow someone else’s laptop at the last moment. This is just one reason why my presentations are always shit.

But Keith dropped a clue. He said that immediately after login GNOME reset something that breaks things. I chased him about it in email afterwards and he said
“Oh, I found it — if your configuration settings include a monitor size, gnome would randr you to that size. I can’t remember where that was as I deleted it from my config though.”

Can anyone do something with this nugget of information?

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