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Clutter Tutorial

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been writing a Clutter tutorial for Openismus. Clutter is a “2.5D” canvas API maintained by OpenedHand.

Here you can see a preview of the tutorial, though some sections just have TODOs for now. I think it’s already the only place to find a useful description of Clutter Timelines, Effects and Behaviours and how they relate to each other, and it’s the only place that I’ve seen mention of how to manage the refcounting of the various objects. Thanks to the OpenedHand guys for answering my questions so patiently.

I’m waiting for the new high-level Clutter library to be created before completing the remaining sections, because the containers have already been moved out of the main clutter library, and that new library should have some interesting (but maybe not perfect at first) actors for doing scrolling and lists of text.

It’s DocBook, with some scripts to pull in the example code, in the clutter-tutorial module in OpenedHand’s svn repository:

As I’ve done in the past for gtkmm documentation, the examples are almost mind-numbingly simple so people have the best chance of seeing the use of the relevant API. However, there is one slightly more realistic full example. I hope that the containers in the new library will help me to make it prettier.

I guess you should report bugs in the tutorial in Clutter’s bugzilla, in the Documentation component.

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