gstreamermm: C++ bindings for gstreamer

The latest attempt to create a gtkmm-ish C++ API for gstreamer is making good progress, this time started by Milosz Derezynski for his “Beep” player. Over the last few weeks I’ve tried to help out by solving the more difficult problems such as support for GstMiniObject (a cut-down GObject), and support for GstObject (GObject with a floating reference, like GInitiallyUnowned, and with thread-safe reference-counting, I think). José Alburquerque and Siavash Safi have been helping out too.

That’s done and we can now actually play an Ogg Vorbis file, as seen our first example. I’m fairly confident that gstreamermm can now become finished, useful and stable with a little more effort.

svn: though I ‘d like to move it to the GNOME svn if I can persuade Milsoz. It’s also in jhbuild.

Update:: gstreamermm is now in GNOME’s svn.