Glom’s Initial Dialog

Glom now lets you browse the local network to open a document already opened by someone else, so you can easily both use the same database system.

That adds a new button in a file chooser dialog (though it doesn’t use the file system or URIs). This has complicated our already odd start-up dialog. We have some thoughts about the initial Glom dialog in the wiki but, to summarize, this is my current best mock-up for what we should have. Apologies for the inept use of Glade and Inkscape:


The treeview row buttons are to avoid having to select and then click a separate button. I think that’s easier. I generally hate start-up dialogs, so I’d avoid it if I could and I’d welcome suggestions. I do think it’s better than having a wizard and I do think something like this is needed to deal with the two common cases:

  • The first-time user starts Glom and has no idea what he could do.
  • The regular user starts Glom and wants to open the database that he uses every day. Unlike with a word processor, people will rarely use more than one or two Glom files.

One thought on “Glom’s Initial Dialog

  1. Create New Document should be a wizard. Is not a comon task you do everyday, so why crowd the start dialog with options about creating a new document? Also allows you more flexibility: Be able to list more templates without space-constraints, select template from some place…

    Also I find confusing why to list “Local Network” as a first level option. You will expect to find always items there. Perhaps a better name will be “Currently in use by people on local net”

    I would suggest:
    V Recently used
    … list of recent projects, pin-able like new tomboy notes to keep some always present…
    V Currently in use by people on local net
    … list of project being used on the local lan …
    – Select project manually [browse] -> Launches a selection dialog
    – Create new Project [start] -> Launches a wizard

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