I’m very pleased with the libepc library that Mathias Hasselmann created for Glom. I much prefer having the Avahi and network communication wrapped up in a simple separate library rather than mixing it in with Glom’s source code. I don’t want to deal with avahi, libsoup and gnutls if I don’t have to.

Glom will effectively use it to discover and load .glom documents over the network from other Glom instances. I suspect that it will be useful to a few other applications, but if not then it will still have been a good exercise in modularity.

I’ve already reviewed a few iterations of the library. Mathias and I are both fussy coders, though in different ways, so that’s why it already has full and meaningful documentation, tests, and examples. But we would welcome feedback so we can show how seriously we take documentation and API. I’ve added it to jhbuild.