clean up

GNOME’s new documentation site,, is now live and usable. Thanks are due to Frédéric Peters, Goran Rakić (and Google for funding Summer Of Code), and Olav Vitters for getting this done. Bugs and suggestions should be filed in bugzilla: List of open bugs. Submit a bug.

So a few days ago I did some cleaning-up of I ditched the awfully outdated stuff, and made sure that we now link to and where appropriate. The whole of the API section is redirected to, thanks to Olav. There is still content there that should be moved into the source code modules that it documents (such as gnome-panel). That can then be hosted by and removed from

I’m not sure what the plan is for It should probably just be a set of links to the library and the wiki, but that will become clearer as we remove the stuff that shouldn’t be there. Now that we have Shaun’s GNOME platform overview document, I think we don’t need much introductory text anywhere else.