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Maemo Chinook/Sardine C++ bindings

I’ve updated the C++ gtkmm bindings for Maemo for the unstable Chinook/Sardine release, which will one day become the new stable Maemo release. That’s hildonmm (previously hildon-libsmm) and hildon-fmmm.

Some links:

If you are running Maemo Sardine then you can add the extras repository by adding these lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb sardine free

deb-src sardine free

and then install them like so:

fakeroot apt-get install libhildonmm-dev libhildon-fmmm-dev

Packages are only available for the x86 target for now, but I’ll create ARM packages fairly soon.

Feedback is welcome. Add a comment here, please, because there doesn’t seem to be any bug-tracker for Maemo extras projects.

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