GNOME Event Box: New stuff

I finally found the time to go into the cellar and see what came back from the Berlin LinuxTag in the GNOME Event Box. Here are some pictures of what I found. They are available to all the events organizers who request the box, along with the LCD screens, wireless keyboard/mouse, wireless router, cables, etc:

A generously donated Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo Q mini PC, thanks to Josh Kress‘s persuasive skills:

A Nokia N800 Internet Tablet, thanks to Quim Gil of Nokia:

Two new GNOME foot posters to replace the ones that DHL lost, thanks to Sven Herzberg (Don’t forget to send me the bill, Sven):

3 thoughts on “GNOME Event Box: New stuff

  1. Aaaaawwwww, great!! I really liked the blue flag from your last blog post. Do you know if I can buy these things anywhere?


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