Glom ported to libgda 3.0

A little while ago, Vivien Malerba released libgda 3.0.0 (and libgnomedb 3.0.0), so it’s now finally API/ABI stable. This was a long hard push, but we pulled everything together and got it done. Vivien deserves many thanks for his relentless bug-fixing.

C++ bindings are already available: libgdamm 3.0 and libgnomedbmm 3.0, with lots of documentation, though I will wait before declaring them API stable. Our examples and Glom were much needed test cases for libgda and libgnomedb.

Armin has already ported Glom to libgdamm 3.0, and just merged that work into svn trunk for the future Glom 1.6. It needs the svn version of libgda until there’s a 3.0.1 release. This is another large step on the way to accessing the database efficiently, instead of reading every single row into memory when showing a list, which is silly.

Also, Andreas Nilsson cleaned up the Glom icons a bit:

5 thoughts on “Glom ported to libgda 3.0

  1. Maybe the database “hard-disks” emblem should change a little because as it is, it looks much like an oil barrel (which is not what you would like i recon)…..

  2. Hi Murray,
    For the longest time i have been trying to compile libgda and libgnome on a stock fedora 6 machine, but have not have much luck.

    I have not have much success in finding installation documentation anywhere. Would you be able to point me in the right direction somewhere?

    I would like to write our company database UI using these 2 packages and the RPMs do not have firebird, so I tried to compile it myself.


  3. sumoaf, you should really contact Fedora about Fedora packages. For building from source, if you mention specific build problems on the gnome-db mailing list then you might get some help.

    I certainly can’t help you with Firebird. I’ve never used it or built it.

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