Christian Kellner and Marcus Bauer join Openismus

Openismus now has another part-time developer: Christian “gicmo” Kellner, a gnome-vfs maintainer who has also worked for Scalix on their Evolution connector, currently a student at Passau University, Germany. He’ll be doing roughly similar work for Openismus, getting stuff done that wouldn’t get done otherwise. If only we could get the rest of the GNOME couch.

And Marcus Bauer joins us internetically as a full-time freelancer for at least the next couple of months, hopefully more if the work is there. Marcus is an accomplished coder, living in Nice, France, who is most well known within GNOME for his work on the LiveCDs for previous releases. He promises he’ll have a blog soon.

I received several other good applications this time, but few from Germany. Even in the EU, employing residents of other countries is a legal/bureaucratic/language problem that I’m trying to avoid, but will probably have to deal with eventually for outstanding candidates. I’m sure there’s lots of information out there but, like many location-based things, it doesn’t yield to Google searches.

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