Openismus hiring

I’m looking for one or two more part-timers for Openismus, possibly a full-timer. It’s a chance to do work that people will actually use, about half of which is released as source code.

It’s much easier to employ residents of Germany, but I’ll do the extra work to employ in other EU countries if necessary. I wish the EU made this easier.

You’ll need GTK+ experience, usually in an open source project. gtkmm experience is a plus, but we’ve got that mostly covered for now. We work from home for now. I jump at the chance of employing people who’ve demonstrated ability to deal responsibly with well-defined tasks without too much micro-management. Email me please.

I’d love more people like we have already. The other Openismus guys really get the job done. We are doing pretty well at the moment, expanding slowly and safely, as a natural evolution of my freelancing days. This month we reached the point of financial safety for the year, which reduces the pressure and might even let me take a break. I hope the GNOME Mobile and Embedded group can create more opportunities for growth now that it’s announced publicly.