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I have a subscription to the Economist. I like their style and practical interest in a better world, and I try to consider their support for the Iraq war, then and now, as an anomaly.

But why does my Economist arrive at around 3 O’clock on Saturday while it’s in the international newsagent at Munich’s main train station on Friday evening already, and in UK newsagents on Thursday?

Regular paper is an inefficient delivery mechanism.

6 thoughts on “Economist subscription

  1. I also had an Economist subscription in Italy but after one year of troubles mainly due to very late delivery (sometimes I waited for two weeks and got two numbers), I didn’t renew it altough I really like the Economist.


  2. You are lucky to get it on Saturdays. Lately, we have had to wait well into the next week for delivery. Today is Saturday and we are still waiting for last weeks edition to arrive in the mail. We did the unthinkable: bought a copy at the local newsstand.

  3. Actually, since shortly after I wrote this blog entry, I’ve been receiving my Economist almost always on Friday afternoons. I’m 99% sure that the improvement was just a coincidence.

  4. Well, I just hope you’re not living in one of the 30 cities in which from this week on The Economist will be delivered by post. I live in Madrid where I used to get my copy on Fridays 90% of the time. This week I got it on Wednesday -and The Economist excused themselves by saying that each new issue is available online on Thursday evenings. It is as if I subscribed to a daily newspaper and instead of arriving at 7am it started being delivered at six o’clock in the afternoon – but then, you can always read it online, as anyone who had not bothered to pay for a subscription. I like their editors and journalists, but I’m starting to hate their managers…

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