Openismus at FOSTEL

The FOSTEL Telephony summit looks to be shaping up well, for Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th April 2007 in Paris. I am consistently impressed with Dave Neary’s ability to get stuff done. Thanks, Dave.

Unfortunately I don’t have time to attend myself, but Openismus is sending Armin Burgmeier, mostly so he can represent his Gobby collaborative editing project. I know he has plans for a more generic next-generation version, even using plain C this time, so make sure you make a full-duplex connection with him.

Openismus is growing gradually, but I’m being very careful about the money stuff so that we don’t stumble. Therefore our expenses budget is not overflowing at the moment, and this is the first time time we’ve sent someone other than me to a conference. To justify it, Armin is under strict instructions to repeatedly say “By the way, Openismus does paid software development” and variations on that theme. It’s not his fault.