GNOME bug-buddy magic

Today I noticed that GNOME’s bug-buddy crash reporter has become almost self-aware. The SoundJuicer audio ripper crashed (first time for me, and not reproducable). Bug-buddy reported the bug (without asking me for any sendmail nonsense), then showed me a clickable URL link to my bug. The magic:

  • It was actually not a new bug. It was an old bug, which bug-buddy/bugzilla had automatically identified as a duplicate, probably by comparing the stack trace. The comments in the bug report mentioned that it was actually caused by musicbrainz, but that musicbrainz fixed it in a later version. I added a comment about distros needing to update their musicbrainz version for the next person who finds themselves there.
  • A few seconds later, bugzilla sent me an email saying

    You recently submitted a bug report to GNOME Bugzilla using Bug-Buddy.

    Thank you for reporting this bug. This is actually caused by musicbrainz (used
    by sound-juicer). See for more information:

That’s amazing.

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