GNOME Foundation Board elections, 2006

You have only until Saturday December 16th to vote in the GNOME Foundation Board elections. Read the discussions in foundation-list, find your “Official Ballot for 2006 GNOME Foundation Elections” email in your inbox, and use the “Vote token” to vote.

Generally, only half of us vote, so there is still time to change that this time. You could be one of the people who voted for the board that employed a dedicated sysadmin, funded developer documentation, created a beautiful marketing strategy, encouraged your local GNOME group, talked to your local politicians about using free software and open standards, created GNOME merchandise web sites, sponsored you to travel to GUADEC, gave you a free T-shirt, or whatever you care about most.

I voted already. I always vote for a mix of newcomers and veterans, generally picking the people who are passionate about specific tasks.