GNOME Code of Conduct: GNOME is people

Please do “sign” the GNOME Code of Conduct and show the world what nice people we are. It’s something to be proud of.

It’s a little silly that we must do this individually just to establish what we think is self-evident, but let’s just get it done. I’m hoping for an overwhelming response.

Update: 100 signatures is great, but it doesn’t yet feel overwhelming. A few more would send a convincing message.

3 thoughts on “GNOME Code of Conduct: GNOME is people

  1. In my opinion, everything mentioned there makes sense, but I’ve got some problems with the last point – “Try to be concise”.

    In particular, “people often feel personally attacked if they receive multiple messages telling them the same thing” can cause people to withhold messages from e.g. a mailing list because they might be (or are just afraid of) writing the same things as other people. I assume that this is not the goal?

    “Making a conversation larger makes it difficult to follow” is the main issue, but it goes beyond “avoid repeating what has already been said”. It’s also about not overwhelming anyone with too much information, and this is true for both the person who is seeking help as well as the person who is trying to help. This is not included in a plain “avoid repeating”.

  2. Yes, there is that possible downside, but we will have to trust in peoples’ common sense. It was added in response to people who really did feel personally attacked when they got too many responses. Hopefully it makes people aware of that problem without scaring people away. Note that it’s not enough to just think that they shouldn’t feel attacked.

    I’m afraid the text is done for now. Maybe it will be reviewed once again at some time in the future, but that would be a difficult task.

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