Got him!

Extra work has been taking up the spare capacity, so another slot at Openismus GmbH opened up. Employee number 4 is Armin Burgmeier, developer of the much-loved Gobby collaborative editor. He’s working part-time.

He’ll start with some C++ wrapping work, using gtkmm’s gmmproc to generate C++ bindings for an existing open-source GObject-based C API, for a client in Austria. Surprisingly, there’s a lot of demand for this, but I guess it makes sense – It’s not particularly difficult, but it’s quicker when you know how, and commercial projects cannot wait a year until someone else gets around to it. It also takes some expertise to know when a C++ API looks right, and what kind of bugs to expect.

(This one is not C++ bindings for GStreamer. I’d love us to be paid to do that work.)

Additionally, this means that Openismus is ready to do paid work on Gobby if you need it.

Another part-time employee slot might open up in the next few weeks, so I’d welcome emails from candidates with significant GTK+ and gtkmm experience. Python would be a plus.