Glom 1.1/1.2

Glom logoI’ve been working on a Glom 1.1/1.2 branch recently, trying to quickly add some features in time to release a stable version for the Ubuntu Edgy release. The Glom 1.1.6 announcement has a list of what’s new. My favourite new features are:

Add Related Table

This is a time-saver that lets you quickly add a table and a relationship that uses it. So, for instance, if you have

Asbury Park
Closing Time

you can quickly add an ID field, and a related table, so you have:

Album Artist ID
Nebraska 1
Asbury Park 1
Closing Time 2


Artist ID Artist Name
1 Bruce Springsteen
2 Tom Waits

In future, I’d like it to take existing data from existing fields and put that into the related record, so that in one step we could get those two tables from this:

Album Artist Name
Nebraska Bruce Springsteen
Asbury Park Bruce Springsteen
Closing Time Tom Waits

Use of the pygda API

Via the records.connection object you can now use the whole pygda API (The libgda Python API) from your button scripts and calculated fields, so there is no limit to what you can do with the underlying database. Be careful with this great power. More details on the Glom API page.

This feature was easy to implement thanks to the wonderful pygobject_new() function from pygtk, which is a lot like gtkmm’s Glib::wrap().