Automatically rotating images on Linux

Gallery doesn’t yet automatically rotate images using the EXIF orientation data that newer cameras save in the file, though it will soon. In the meantime, jhead can automatically rotate the images, like so:

jhead -autorot *.jpg

And I think that’s lossless. You can run it on already-uploaded Gallery images from the terminal.

By the way, it looks like GNOME’s Image Viewer will finally support automatic rotation soon.

7 thoughts on “Automatically rotating images on Linux

  1. It’s lossless if the image dimensions are an even multiple of 8. It truncates some blocks otherwise.

  2. That’s weird, it must be a feature that got lost from Gallery v1, because my v1 install has been autorotating images from my camera for over a year.

  3. nonnano:
    > PLEASE make it so that that horrible feature can be also disabled by user.

    a) It would not save the rotation (automatically) of course
    b) (as Murray points out in the bug) it needs to be obvious to the user that it has happened
    c) It will be a setting that can be turned off (one way or another)


    I think you are leaning towards optimism with the “soon” part if you see how many releases it has already skipped…

    Unless you are advocating in including it, which would be great ;)

    Yesterday I worked on a new patch for it that will make it more obvious what’s going on, but this will mean UI additions. I’ll submit it tonight for comments (there are some issues needing work in it) and we shall see if it flies this time.

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