Romania? Ba da!

This evening we are off to Romania for three weeks, driving [1] from Munich through Hungary to TimiÅŸoara and staying there for a week or so. Apparently I’m doing a general GNOME talk at the local TimiÅŸoara LUG on Thursday, but I’ll need to borrow someone’s PC to actually make some slides, because I’ve been rushing to finish more important things before leaving.

Then we’ll spend a few days in Bucharest being Urban. Then a week or so in the country, hopefully in the Carpathian mountains, looking for bears, pristine wilderness, and ethnic types with hats.

I’ve learn a little Romanian over the last few weeks. Pimsleurs Romanian course only has 10 half-hour lessons, but it really helped to get the basics in to my head. Plus the Teach Yourself Romanian book and CDs, and Zsolt Czimbalmos’ Romanian audio (Creative Commons licensed). The Pimsleurs method is so effective that I am getting the Pimsleurs language-learning religion.

I’ll check email occasionally. If it’s urgent then you’ll find a way to contact me.

[1] Not my idea. Cars are a stupid waste of time and space. At least we’ll swap it for an authentic Dacia when we are there, built for Romanian roads.

4 thoughts on “Romania? Ba da!

  1. Cool — if you go in the Carpathians, try to go through Transfagaraseanu (a very wild road, maybe a bit scary),
    Valea Oltului, up north on the Monestries. I can also give you a few tips on Bucharest if you need any :)
    There’s quite a few places to go, but I would trust Lonely Planet (they have a _very_ good guide to Romania)
    a lot more than advice from the locals.

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