gtkmm 2.9/2.10 API almost done

Yesterday I released gtkmm 2.9.8, with GNOME 2.15/16 API freeze approaching on July 16th. Mostly everything is done, apart from a problem with the custom print preview, some of the TextBuffer serialization API, and an improvement to the recent files example. So, C++ people, do look at the new API, because now is the chance to fix it. Later it’ll be stable ABI and you’ll have to live with it.

There’s lots of new API in GTK+ 2.10, and users of gtkmm should be incredibly grateful to some new contributors who did most of the hard work:

  • Marko Anastasov, who has single-handedly wrapped all of the new printing API, written examples, and even written a printing chapter about it in the gtkmm book, all according to my pedantic standards. He has very quickly figured out how gtkmm works, and how it should look.
  • Armin Burgmeier also did most of the recent files API, with help from Marko.
  • Jonathan Jongsma (who should be on Panet GNOME) covered lots of the bits and pieces that were left over, while also steering cairomm to API stability, improving our documentation, restyling our website, and generally looking a lot like a future gtkmm maintainer.

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