GNOME Mentored Projects

I started a Mentored Projects page on the GNOME wiki for us to list stuff left over from Google’s Summer Of Code. There seems to be much enthusiasm for this, and we have a lot to gain. It shouldn’t be just for students, but some universities would like to make it part of their courses.

So, mentors, please do move your unsuccessful Summer of Code ideas over to the Mentored Projects page.

4 thoughts on “GNOME Mentored Projects

  1. I am not one of mentors, so can’t answer the question, I only can tell what I think as an outsider, one of those who could pick some project up. So, it’s fairly scary and difficult for a person new in gnome to choose a project similar to those from the SoC list. They are big, and require lot of work, they are not like “Oh, I could do that”. For people new in gnome thing like Gnome Love would work much better; and those who are not new in gnome just do not need a list of possible big projects.
    I’m saying this assuming the projects list is needed as a list of projects for people willing to work on them. If it’s a list of projects for future SoC’s, then, well, nevermind.
    IMHO, etc.

  2. Yevgen, lots of great students applied enthusiastically for the mentored projects when they were part of Google’s summer of code. I’d expect some to still be interested. And remember, these are _mentored_ so you get to learn from established developers instead of doing all the work yourself.

    It’s for people who want something more than general gnome-love help, and gnome-love is still around for people who just want that.

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