Glom 1.0.3 on Ubuntu Dapper

Glom version 1.0.3 is now available in Ubuntu Dapper. Several nasty bugs were fixed in the last few versions, thanks to some excellent feedback on bugzilla and the mailing list. This included a crash when adding fields in non-English locales and a problem opening examples in 1.0.0. So, please try it out and give me some more bug reports to fix. Note that your bug might be fixed in 1.0.4 already.

There’s still not much sign of Glom on regular Debian. I guess it needs one of the existing Debian packagers to pick up Daniel’s work.

Denis Leroy is still working on packages for Fedora and is apparently still pushing Bakery in. He might appreciate some help.

I’ll do some more code cleanup before branching for new features. At the moment, I have a tendency to break existing stuff when I fix bugs. I’d also like to find the time to port a cut-down client version to the Nokia 770.

3 thoughts on “Glom 1.0.3 on Ubuntu Dapper

  1. I’m sorry about not getting to putting glom in Debian. I did a lot of work on it about a year ago (like I said on the glom list way back then) but ran in to trouble needing the newest gnome libraries around. Eventually I pretty much adopted X in Debian, which has taken up all of my time there, so glom fell by the wayside. I’d still love to see it in though, so I can start using it.

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