GNOME Platform Overview

I am really pleased to see Shaun’s great new GNOME Platform Overview documentation. It’s familiar information to regular GNOME developers, but we forget sometimes how essential this is for developers who are new to GNOME, so actually writing that up was neglected for a while. It’s also great to see how many important pieces of Freedesktop and GNOME are falling into place, so we really have a complete platform.

I believe that the GNOME Foundation board already plans to fund further chapters to expand on the various areas, providing recipes to actually implement applications and to integrate them with the platform. If not, then I hope they do, and I’d even love to do the work.

Of course, there’s some good gtkmm documentation already, though it lacks the freedesktop integration stuff.

3 thoughts on “GNOME Platform Overview

  1. I think it’s in DocBook XML. So translation is very possible. It’s the same technology that’s used to create and translate the GNOME release notes.

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