Security versus satisfaction

I had an interesting interview today for a contract in Munich, involving embedded Linux and VoIP. That’s good technology to work with, but the project is likely to be otherwise quite conservative. It would offer reliable income for a few months without being away from home.

The downside is that I’ve been thinking again about starting a company, because I’m seeing increasing demand for open source consulting, particularly with embedded GTK+/gtkmm. And I believe that Glom consulting can be a winner in the next few years. I think demand will increase more if I can offer a corporate partner with a pool of employees. One of my problems at the moment is that there aren’t currently many good employee candidates in Germany. Many of the best German GNOME developers have been snapped up by other companies, and most of the others that I strongly admire are still students so I’d feel bad about tempting them away.. Some people have already received emails asking if they’d be interested if I manage to find enough business to support them, just in case. I would really want my Openismus company to mentor new developers, but I think I need some dependable people to start with.

Maybe this will work out, but I guess I’ll get an offer about this contract in the next couple of days, so I may have to decide whether or not to risk seeing if things work out. A company, with sizable contracts, would insulate me from having to make these decisions every now and then.

4 thoughts on “Security versus satisfaction

  1. Hey,

    I’m pretty new to gtk/gnome programming but have been using gnome for the last 4-5 years. Have just started with the bugzilla and finding commenting a few bugs here and there. I even have my first patch out :)

    If you ever think about giving some work to freelancers, get in touch with me. I might even do it for free. I’m just looking for some exciting work.


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